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ESTD. 2016

My Organic Coffee

To obtain a perfect Organic Coffee, there are 4 mainly steps: the raw material selection, the seed analysis and selection, the roasting process and the mixing. For my Organic Coffee we focused on a 100% Arabica blend, to offer a real balanced taste, slightly sweeter with a softer taste, but are also more acidic.
My Organic Coffee is a blend of 100% Arabica coffee imported from Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, which has a triple fine characteristics: farmers are able to bootstrap their own businesses and receive a fair price for their products, it’s good for end customer health thanks to its organic farming,

100% Arabica high quality coffee deriving from small grounds of Central and Southern America utterly cultivated with biological process, without phytochemical manures. This is a sweet tasty and aromatic blend, naturally light and with low caffeine level. Furthermore, our biological coffee range is guaranteed by “Fairtrade” international brand, which ensures the due remuneration to the producers, independently of the market fluctuations, allowing them a more dignified and secure life.


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Our Products

Delightful flavours, each roasted and blended from 100% Arabica Coffee beans hailing from Central and South America,
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Original taste Traditional craftsmanship

An extraordinarily full and lingering body, a strong, sharp taste with slight hints of citrus fruits. As the sip ends, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste of intense cocoa, amaretto and toasted bread, typical of Italian espresso.

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Our Grains100% natural Arabica

Free from chemical and pesticide additives, our eco-friendly alternative infuses all the health benefits of coffee whilst retaining the wonderful aromas and robust flavours

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100% Arabica BlendEnhanced taste of coffee

Intense, pungent aroma, typical of Arabica coffees, and a sweet and round body, thanks to the peruvian beans, but also a sharp personality due to the triumph of aromas that release



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